Sunday, March 28, 2010

Palm Sunday photo gallery

For those who access my blog directly: This week, instead of the usual brief pointer from to my blog here, I'm reversing the pointer. See my photo gallery of Palm Sunday at Zion Lutheran Church in Ann Arbor.

Also, I'll recommend my favorite Palm Sunday-related movie, "Sherman's March," directed by, filmed by, and starring Ross McElwee. It is the story of a man who lives with a movie camera on his shoulder (the star is actually rarely seen) having a lot of adventures, many involving unusual women. In one section, his date with his newest girlfriend involves going to a church on Palm Sunday, followed by a visit to an ice cream parlor along with the pastor, who is lecturing them about the Apocalypse, complete with an illustrated chart, while meanwhile a person wearing a large Easter Bunny costume comes walking in. This never happens in anyone's imagination, so only in real life! Other favorite parts are Pat's idea for a screenplay, Ross's sister DeeDee telling about her surgery, and the part that somehow hooked me on this movie and this filmmaker, in which Ross joins some guys in unloading a life-size fiberglass rhinoceros from a track and placing it in its display position along a pond. It's available on Netflix, although the reviews there show that people either love it or hate it. Also note that this is the 1986 documentary, not the 2007 documentary/dramatization by the same title.

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