Sunday, October 4, 2009

Grusse aus Nuernberg

This will be a very quick draft post regarding a concert last night at St. Lorenz Kirche in Nuremberg before going to the Sunday morning service there.

I heard the Braunschweiger Domchor (cathedral choir of Braunschweig) in the cavernous space of St. Lorenz. I am quite certain that they are a largely, if not completely, amateur church choir who are on tour. They do some tough music (toughest harmonically was probably the Nystedt that they did) and do it with precise diction, not sparing the consonants in the least. A few organ pieces were also provided by the resident organist of St. Lorenz. The most moving part for me was actually the encore, at which point the choir finally put down their books and sang a little more directly to the audience.

This is coming from the public terminal in the lobby of the NH Hotel in Nuremberg. As a touch typist, I am having a little difficulty with the fact that on German keyboards, the positions of y and z are reversed.

Coming up, a little more about the Braunschweiger Domchor, Sunday service at St. Lorenz, the Bayreuth Opera House, and The Itinerant Chorister/Itinerant Scientist flies in Business Class. Also, later than that, photos.

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